"Our son Christian has been training with Master Pham for over a year now. When Christian first started training with Master Pham, he was shy and not so sure of himself. Now, however with the help of Master Pham and his staff, he is a strong-minded individual with confidence. We have seen him grow in so many ways. Besides the physical strength he's learned, he's been taught that being respectful and working hard are important no matter where you are! We love the life lessons he is learning through Pham's Tae Kwon Do and look forward to his journey in becoming a Black Belt!"

The Gorski family

"Trust me every second being in Pham's Tae Kwon Do is truly a life lesson being taught. We have learned from experience."

The Zink family

"I have been at Pham's TKD since 2002 w/ my daughter Stephanie. Master Pham has taught her to become #1 in martial arts and in everything she pursues in life. She has become an A/B honor student. She became the 2 time Florida State Champion in TKD in 2006. Stephanie has a great respect & love for Master Pham, she truly wants to pursue her career in TKD w/ Master Pham and his school. Before Stephanie's father died, his wish was for his daughter to continue her career w/ Master Pham and get her Black Belt! Thank you for all the great memories, & friends we've made at the academy."

The LaScala family

"Pham's Tae Kwon Do, simply the BEST of the BEST!"

Matt Stevens

"Pham's Tae Kwon Do and its staff are the GREATEST! The training that I received there has been wonderful. I feel great and look fantastic, because of the special attention to details that Master Pham has given to me."

Ms. Yen

"Watching Master Pham teach, train, and compete over the last 15 years has been awesome! The way he has impacted my two brothers and myself, is something made for a Hollywood movie."

Larry D. Whitaker, Jr.

"Master Pham has been a true inspiration to me in my lifetime. The values and life long lifeskills that he has not only demonstrated by example, but has instilled in me and my family, has been nothing short of amazing."

Van Phong Nguyen and family

"Larry had a fear of sparring, so much that he wanted to quit. But because of the way that all of the staff at Pham's TKD seems to naturally take to each child's needs into consideration, he was able to overcome his fears and move forward. Gaining his confidences is so important. Knowing that the staff here at Pham's can help a child believe so strongly in themselves has proven to me over and over that having Larry enroll in this academy was one of the best decisions I have made for him as a parent."

Linda Collins





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