Fitness Kick Boxing

Specifics: A fun and pulse-pounding alternative to boring exercise! This training system allows you to safely get in shape, using proven kickboxing techniques that will challenge your muscles, getting you fit while you actually have fun working out! And because you’re learning real martial arts techniques, there's a dual benefit to your workout that you'll be able to protect yourself should you ever have to.

Benefits: Fitness Kick Boxing burns more fat than traditional martial arts training and most other workout programs, allowing you to effectively burn 500 to 700 calories per workout. You will find energy and power you never thought you had! You will also: • Build lean muscle mass • Improve your coordination and balance • Promote good health by concentrating on performing the combinations and hitting the targets correctly • Challenge your mind and body to work together to learn a new skill • Gain improved self-esteem and confidence.

Teaching Concept: The Fitness Kick Boxing system is based on centuries-old martial arts techniques. Now, are you ready for a workout that will leave you wanting more instead of being bored? Try our martial arts academy. Not only will you learn some great self-defense techniques, but also there is no better way to get into shape than kickboxing. Call today for a FREE class. You have nothing to lose but calories and waist size.


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