Begin the journey
that will change your life!

When I began my martial arts training over 20 years ago, I could have never imagined then the powerful impact Tae Kwon Do would have on my life. The obvious benefits of martial arts training are learning self-defense skills that protect yo
u and enhance physical fitness. But there’s so much more to it than that.

Tae Kwon Do develops the whole person. Children and Adults find their martial arts training teaches them important life skills - a new sense of empowerment that extends past the physical maneuvers. Our students develop the confidence and self-esteem it takes to stand up and face life head on, seeking new challenges and persevering when times get tough.

Pham’s Tae Kwon Do Academy provides a place for you to develop your body and mind while instilling traditional moral values like integrity, respect and perseverance that’s refreshing and much needed today more than ever.

Whatever your reasons for considering Tae Kwon Do for yourself or your child, you’ll find we have a variety of programs to meet your needs. You don’t have to be a certain type of person to be a successful and valued Pham’s Tae Kwon Do Academy member. No matter what your skill level, our goal is to help you become the best you can be and to stand up for yourself and for others.

“May the spirit of Tae Kwon Do lead you in a path where courtesy, respect, loyalty and integrity guide your thoughts and actions, bringing balance and harmony to you and everyone you know.”


Chief Master Vu N. Pham
Fifth Degree Black Belt
President and Founder, Pham’s Tae Kwon Do Academy