Career Opportunities at Pham’s Tae Kwon Do Academy

Pham’s Tae Kwon Do Academy is looking for energetic individuals who are looking for a career in martial arts.

Positions Available:
1. Program Director
2. Manager
3. Asst. Manager
4. Instructors
5. Chief Instructors

Certain restrictions apply.

Qualities we are looking for are:

Black Belt Attitude, the mental position that one can accomplish anything envisioned in mind. It is supported with mental focus to command one's body and live by a set of standards that will inspire others.

Must love martial arts.
Over 16 years old.
Must have a good appearance. ( clean, good hygiene, well groomed )
Must have a citizenship attitude. ( Have a sense of community )
Believe in our Leadership Program
No Drama, No Negativity, Positive Attitude only.
High level of communication.
Reliable transportation.
Have family support.
Good social skills.
Have good health.




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